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  1. I’m sorry but someone has the “MyGirl美媛馆 2017.10.09 VN 004 晓茜sunny” in 1080p? sorry to be so boring xD

    Me desculpem mas alguem possui o “MyGirl美媛馆 2017.10.09 VN 004 晓茜sunny” em 1080p? desculpa ser tao chato xD

    *Note: I got a “840×720” version
    *Nota: eu consegui uma versão em “840×720”

  2. Hi do you have the video file “MyGirl美媛馆 2017.10.09 VN.004 晓茜sunny.mp4” engraved together with the photo pack “MyGirl Vol.308 – Xiao Qian sunny (晓茜sunny)” from “Xiao Qian Sunny”

    I searched the web, and only found the paid version along with the thirty second preview on the website “”

    by this link :

    I’m sorry but I don’t speak English – MiyiK

      1. I’m sorry, but I can’t afford it and I couldn’t find it anywhere for free in 1080p, but I understand, I downloaded almost the entire collection from your site, including the video ” MyGirl VN.003″ I got it on youtube; -; thank you ^^’

          1. you are very polite, do you know where i can find the video for free? because I honestly already checked the web and nothing, thanks for your patience

    1. ask the admin to post the video “MyGirl美媛馆 2017.10.09 VN.004 晓茜sunny.mp4”, since you have VIP he will listen to you

  3. The download link of “Kang In Kyung” and “Kang In Kyung 2” have been banned by pCloud. replace plzzzz. thk u soooo much

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